How Ad Agencies Can Boost Billable Hours

Imagine the following scenario. It may even seem familiar to you.

Check BoxYou’ve completed the work of designing and developing terrific Web sites for your clients. Now the more important work needs to continue. You need to promote sites so that they may be found by prospective buyers. By not continuing to market your client’s sites, you’re virtually throwing away thousands of dollars in potential residual revenue.

Not enough reason?

OK, here’s another: If, on the other hand, you’re not interested in additional revenue, then perhaps the prospect of losing clients is a better reason to bolster your marketing services. You see, all your talented creative team’s hard work will be for naught if your client’s customers can’t find what they’re looking for online and buy it. Designing and creating an award winning site won’t help your client if you don’t market it once you’ve created it. In fact, it will hurt your client. You need to promote the site if it is to become at all successful. Your client demands it and is expecting to see a return on their investment. Not providing these crucial services is like telling your client to shop for an agency that does. Can you afford that?

How can you tell if you’re falling short? Answer these two simple questions:

Do buyers know how to find your client’s site?

Can they find it if they “Google-it”?

These may be simple questions to ask, but they certainly aren’t simple to answer. How will potential customers find your client’s site? Will they be able to find it if they use their favorite search engine? Is the site you so painstakingly created sitting in wasteland of “me too” sites? Your talented team’s hard word will be for naught if your client’s customers can’t find what they’re looking for and buy it. Building a great site won’t help your client if you don’t market it as well. You need to promote the site if it is to even have a chance; let alone, become successful.

This is where I come in

Since 1996, I’ve been performing search engine optimization; PPC and banner advertising; e-mail marketing; content development and Web traffic and conversion analysis– on the agency side and client side. I’ve done this from scratch for new sites and I’ve optimized and turned around longstanding, unproductive campaigns, too.

If you’re saying to yourself, “I can’t offer these value–add services to my clients.” Or, “We’re a traditional advertising agency and only offer print, television and radio advertising. We don’t do internet or online advertising.”

Why not?

Your client’s competitors do internet advertising. They’re taking advantage of the fact that Internet usage is up and becoming the preferred advertising medium. Don’t believe me? How about this little nugget: According to emarketer, “US adults are spending more time each day on the Internet and watching TV than listening to the radio.”

That’s right. Internet usage by adult users (read: consumers) is out pacing both TV and radio. That also means consumers are getting their advertising messages via the Internet; and the beast is only getting stronger, folks.

Furthermore, we’re not just talking B2C here. The B2B market has been affected by this trend as well.

“Nearly three-quarters of B2C said they planned to shift money from their traditional media budget to new media, compared with just over half of B2B marketers, indicating that B2B marketers were likely to have already prepared for such spending in their budgets (source: emarketer Aug. 21, 2007).”

What about other forms of marketing? Keep reading.

“eMarketer projects that local online advertising spending in the US will reach $2.9 billion in 2007(source: emarketer Aug 30, 2007).”

“Nevertheless, as audiences continue to migrate online and away from traditional local media, such as newspapers and radio, it is only a question of time before online local ad spending catches up,” –David Hallerman, eMarketer senior analyst

Now, you may be saying to yourself, “OK, he’s hit me with some powerful statistics, but why should I listen to what this guy has to say”?

Good question. After all, there are a lot of Internet marketers out there who say they “do” Internet marketing and advertising. They may even accurately boast that they can get a site listed in the top 10 of Google’s search results page. Or, they may say they can get ads shown to thousands of potential buyers. So what? Just because you’re site is listed well in Google or your ad gets viewed by thousands of people, it doesn’t mean they will visit the site. I hate to use a cliché here; but it is so appropriate: “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.”

I’ve worked in internet related marketing over the last ten plus years in order to achieve the primary goal: to not only drive highly targeted traffic to the clients’ sites; but more importantly, create conversions for my clients. Yes, sites do need traffic; however, it’s the conversions that your client needs to show a + ROI.

How I do it

I work with your entire team–– from graphic designers and Web developers to writers and even traffic coordinators in order to complete projects in a timely fashion. I collaborate with IT, design, sales and marketing teams to implement not only technical changes and site design enhancements; but to also ensure the proper message is presented to the target audience. I work to create a site that is not only pleasing to the eye; but, highly functional and easy to use for visitors to become more than visitors.

I make it easier for visitors to become buyers!

If you’re interested in providing what your client may be missing from their marketing, and you’re interested in more revenue for your agency, give me a call or contact me to set up a free one–hour consultation.


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