How Ad Agencies Can Boost Billable Hours

Imagine the following scenario. It may even seem familiar to you.

Check BoxYou’ve completed the work of designing and developing terrific Web sites for your clients. Now the more important work needs to continue. You need to promote sites so that they may be found by prospective buyers. By not continuing to market your client’s sites, you’re virtually throwing away thousands of dollars in potential residual revenue.

Not enough reason?

OK, here’s another: If, on the other hand, you’re not interested in additional revenue, then perhaps the prospect of losing clients is a better reason to bolster your marketing services. You see, all your talented creative team’s hard work will be for naught if your client’s customers can’t find what they’re looking for online and buy it. Designing and creating an award winning site won’t help your client if you don’t market it once you’ve created it. In fact, it will hurt your client. You need to promote the site if it is to become at all successful. Your client demands it and is expecting to see a return on their investment. Not providing these crucial services is like telling your client to shop for an agency that does. Can you afford that? Continue reading