What Makes Your Site Irresistible? Find Out Now

I used to think that content was King. I followed common wisdom (ehem!) and professed that if you wanted search engines, and more importantly, people, to pay attention to your site you had to have content– and, lots of it. The idea is that as long as you have a lot of content, visitors will flock to your site.

Well, I will pose the question, then: How many of us still believe this nonsense?

Do you really think that if you have page after page of copy written about the wonderful purple widgets that you have so painstakingly laid out on your site, that visitors will beat a path to your door and buy to their heart’s content?

I’ve written about this in a previous post, where I’ve stated that if you want people visit your site and purchase from you, a few things need to be put into action first:

  • Know who you want as a visitor
  • Have something on your site that visitors want
  • Make it easy for visitors to get what they came for

The King is dead! Long live the King!

The newly coronated King is Desire. Having a successful site is not about having gobs of content about your product or service. It’s about creating a destination worthy of the sort of visitor who will buy your product or service. It’s about creating a destination where visitors desire to be there. Visitors have to feel compelled to be on your site. Think about it: What makes some sites so popular or more accurately, irresistible? Sites like, MySpace or YouTube. It’s because they are destinations– sites where people want to go and be seen or heard.

To this you might say, “Well, they’re not selling anything. They’re not e-commerce sites.”

Aren’t they?

Don’t fool yourself into thinking sites like these aren’t selling something; because that’s exactly what they’re doing. American Heritage Dictionary1 defines, “commerce” as: “Intellectual (not my word) exchange or social interaction.”

Sites like MySpace, YouTube and other social or Web 2.0 sites work because they have successfully created destinations. These sites are selling relevance, importance, motivation and a sense of belonging.

When was the last time you objectively looked at your site and assessed whether its content is what users desire; or is it what you desire. Start today and make your site a destination. Give visitors a reason to be on your site and make it easy to find what they desire or need and ultimately purchase from you.

What makes your site irresistible? You better find out now.

1The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition
Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved., © 2006 by Houghton Mifflin Company.


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